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  • Binek named Interim Director

    Christen Binek
  • Pannier Receives PECASE

    Angela Pannier
  • Sinitskii team awarded $4.5M from DoD

    Alexander Sinitskii
  • Lu's 'Shipyard on a Ship'

    Yongfeng Lu & Lei Liu


Christian BinekChristian Binek presented his CAS Inquire lecture , on January 28. A video of the lecture can be viewed . (1/29/20)

Christian BinekOn January 28, Christian Binek will be delivering the first CAS Inquire lecture of the new year. Binek’s topic is “The Rise of Nanotechnology: Small Machines with Big Impact.”

The CAS Inquire program builds around a college-wide series of public lectures centering on a new theme each year. The lecture series serves as a touchstone for the college—giving students, staff, and faculty a focal point and shared topic for conversations and further inquiry. All lectures will be at 5:30 p.m. in the Nebraska Union Auditorium. (1/15/20)

Xiao Cheng ZengXiao Cheng Zeng's team continues to learn more about the 2D form of ice dubbed ‘Nebraska Ice.’ The team has been able to document the shifting configuration of the ice as it grows, by freezing the ice itself. (1/2/20)

Merhdad Negahban Mehrdad Negahbanu乐平台登陆, working with colleagues from Peking University, has developed a wave-altering prototype that can dynamically redirect the sound waves passing through its surface. The prototype could lead to applications ranging from magnifying signals to disorienting adversaries. (11/13/19)

UNL LogoSeveral of our faculty members made national news last month. Herman Batelaan was quoted in a article. Yongfeng Lu’s project, supported by the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research, was highlighted in a article. Rebecca Lai was featured in piece for combining chemistry with Harry Potter for classes and outreach. Michael Sealy’s work with 3D printing processes was the topic of a article. Finally, Alexander Sinitskii made local and national news when he was awarded a $4.5M grant from the DoD Office of Naval Research for a multi-institutional project he’s leading to explore the use of DNA nanotechnology to build graphene circuits (, , ). (11/5/19)

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Faculty Spotlight: Shireen Adenwalla

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